OABA Sustaining Sponsorship Program

One Ask. One Investment. 365 Promotion.

For some members, writing one check for OABA event sponsorships saves the time and hassle of obtaining approval for multiple contributions throughout the year. This all-inclusive* sponsorship structure allows members to select one Sustaining Sponsorship level and receive promotional opportunities at all OABA events throughout the calendar year.

Sustaining Sponsors will automatically be promoted as such at all OABA events for the upcoming year, and will not be approached for sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. We understand that OABA members have different needs, so we will continue to send individual event sponsorship opportunities to members who have not enrolled in the program.

To become a sustaining sponsor, click here to register online. Click here to download the 2020 Sustaining Sponsor brochure.

*Because the OABA Educational Trust is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, sponsorships related to the Educational Trust are separate from OABA sponsorships and require separate payment. Click here to learn more.

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