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OABA and Partners Urge Swift Passage of 2024 Farm Bill to Support Agriculture and Rural Development

The Ohio AgriBusiness Association (OABA) and several other agricultural groups have thanked the House and Senate leaders for their work on the 2024 Farm Bill and have asked for their continued support to pass this important legislation before the end of the year. The farm bill is essential for many Americans, helping with food production, conservation, rural development, and more.

The groups highlight how the farm bill helps produce food, fiber, and fuel; feed families locally and globally; conserve wildlife and habitats; provide clean air and water; support farmers; facilitate international trade; create local jobs; and support rural economies. They stress the need to pass the bill this year to avoid delays from restarting the process with a new Congress.

OABA and its partners call for a bipartisan effort to pass the farm bill quickly. We believe the leadership can deliver a 2024 farm bill that continues to innovate and meet the needs of today and the future.

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