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Ohio’s Farming Legacy

Jobsohio Farming Legacy Video

Ohio agriculture is the largest and oldest industry in the state. And for many, the most important.

Watch the new JobsOhio video, Ohio’s Farming Legacy, to see and hear from Ohio farmers about how Ohio is investing in and preserving Ohio farms, innovating the industry, reshaping the future of food, and carrying forward our legacy as an agricultural force.

  • Hear from Kris Swartz, Chair of OACI & Farmer, a 5th generation Ohio farmer about farming the same soil as his father and keeping up with the more than 20 farms he tends to daily.
  • Adam Sharp, Executive Vice President, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation shares about the farming economy in Ohio, a more than $100 Billion industry.
  • Elizabeth Harsh, Executive Director, Ohio Cattleman’s Association talks about how Ohio is making local beef possible for Ohioans who want to ensure they are feeding farm-fresh meat to their families.
  • Listen to Mike Zelkind and Tisha Livingston, Co-Founders of 80 Acres Farms as they share how vertical farming is changing the future of the farming industry in Ohio and beyond.

Click here to watch video.

Farming in Ohio has a deep history and a bright future. To learn more about how JobsOhio can support your food and/or agribusiness needs, reach out to Tim Derickson, Managing Director of Food & Agribusiness.

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