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News from Washington: September 21-25

News From Washington Headline 2020

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  • Nations Raise Concern Over US Farm Subsidies at WTO
  • Farm Groups to USTR: WTO Critical for US Ag Exports
  • For Second Time, Democrats Relent on USDA Funding
  • Analyst Says Government Aid Could Play Larger Part In Post-COVID Ag Landscape
  • Trump vs Biden on Trade: A Decision Between Tariffs or Allies
  • Lawmakers Told to use Stimulus to Legalize Workers
  • Roberts: Food Insecurity is a National Security Issue
  • EPA: No Significant Risk to Children from Chlorpyrifos
  • Farm Groups Backing Bayer in Roundup Case
  • South Korea Close to Filling Quota Pledge for US Rice
  • USDA Extends WIC COVID-19 Flexibilities for Duration of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
  • Perdue Signals End to Food Boxes, Return to Normal in USDA Hunger Efforts

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