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News from Washington: August 19-23

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  • CBO Predicts Economic Slowdown from Trade War
  • Hemp Court Battle Reveals Industry’s Legal Risk
  • USDA Details Trade Damage Estimate Calculations
  • NFU Worries Trade Aid Could Erode Support for Next Farm Bill
  • Trade on Tap at G-7 Summit
  • U.S., Mexico Land A Tomato Deal
  • Pork Sees Global Gains Ahead, If Trump Delivers
  • The Biofuel Waiver Blowback is Building
  • USDA Cuts Separation Payments for ERS, NIFA Workers
  • Waiting on Heirs’ Property Changes
  • Why Some Rural Democrats Are Hopeful About 2020
  • Ag Central to Sanders’ Climate Plan
  • Dairy Demands a Deal with Japan

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