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Announcing PARM's 2018 Ag Retailer Products & Services Survey

Help track and document your company's positive progress as stewards of the land and water with the Partnership for Ag Resource Management's 2018 Ag Retailer Products and Services Survey

Through this valuable survey, PARM can help you track sales of beneficial products and services such as cover crops and variable rate application and estimate nutrient loss reductions from those!

Take the survey and receive:

  • A personal report that details your beneficial product and service adoption, estimated nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) loss reductions, and comparable adoption of those in your state and from all respondents
  • Tools and resources to help you increase sales of beneficial products and services
  • An overall cumulative report detailing product and service trends from across the US

The information PARM reports back from the survey is critically important for the ag industry to communicate to shareholders, regulators and the public on retailer efforts to improve water quality. You deserve to have your stewardship recognized!

Please note your answers will remain confidential.

Click here to take the 2018 survey. 

The Partnership for Ag Resource Management (PARM) has been surveying ag retailers in the Sandusky River Watershed, Ohio since 2012 and in the entire Great Lakes Basin since 2015. This year's survey will also include retailers in the Mississippi River Basin. 

2017 Survey Results

PARM would like to thank the 68 ag retailer participants in the Great Lakes Basin that took the 2017 survey. Their efforts retained an estimated four million pounds of P and 45 million pounds of N on fields and out of waterways.

Survey highlights

  • 68 locations representing approximately four million acres participated.
  • Rotational soil sampling jumped 34% to 81% of acres serviced by participating Sandusky River Watershed ag retailers from 2012 to 2017.
  • GLB-wide, VRT increased from 24% to 42% of acres serviced from 2015-2017.
  • Cover crop adoption increased 11% to 18% of acres serviced in the GLB between 2015-2017.

A majority of respondents reported profits from beneficial products and services offered. The most profitable were custom P and N application of topdress, foliar P-feeding, and sidedress with 89.5%, 84.9% and 82.2% of those surveyed reporting a profit, respectively. 74% of respondents also reported profits in VRT.

Click here to view the 2017 Survey Report.

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