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May Workshops from the OSU Leadership Center - OABA Member Service Partner


The Ohio AgriBusiness Association is pleased to partner with The Ohio State University Leadership Center, granting members access to outstanding professional development workshops. Check out the May offerings from the OSU Leadership Center.

May 7 - FRF: Ethics and Leadership

Ethics in today’s workplace and local communities continue to get a lot of attention. This session will begin with creating an understanding of the basis for strong ethical leadership in both the workplace and in our communities. In addition, the workshop introduces strategies to effectively handle ethical dilemmas and create an ethical environment. Join Dr. Jeff King on May 7th, click here to learn more.

May 19 - Introverted Leadership

This time will focus on introverted leaders, and will provide participants with a greater understanding of how one can play off of their introvert demeanor to their benefit. Participants will also complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MTBI) assessment to identify their preferred interaction style with the world. Join us on May 19th for this workshop, click here for more information.

May 27 - EQ: Don't be a Sheldon

Emotional Intelligence affects everything you do, and allows you to lead yourself and your team to success. Sheldon Cooper is the star of the TV show “Big Bang Theory.” Even though he has a high IQ, he has a very low EQ. To learn how not to be a Sheldon, join the OSU Leadership Center on March 15th for this online workshop. This workshop is being facilitated by Beth Flynn. To register, please go to Don't be a Sheldon.

More upcoming workshops 

The Ohio AgriBusiness Association is pleased to offer its members a wide variety of leadership opportunities, like our partnership with the OSU Leadership Center, through the Advancing Modern Professionals for Tomorrow Program. The program offers leadership opportunities at all levels to prepare leaders to take the next step in their professional careers. Learn more here. 

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