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News from Washington: September 3-6

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  • Fed Finds Weakness in Key Farming Regions
  • Keeping Tabs on Trade Aid 2.0
  • Digging Out of Trump’s Ethanol Dilemma
  • Trade Aid Behind Projected Farm Income Bump
  • Ag Cheers Potential Wins in Japan Deal
  • USDA Opens 2019 Enrollment for Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage Programs
  • Where 2020 Democrats Stand on Farmers and Climate Change
  • Southeast Agriculture Bracing for Dorian
  • Chicken Industry Faces Wage-Fixing Claims
  • Food Insecurity Shrinks to Decade-Low
  • The Poultry Clash Awaiting U.S.-U.K Trade Talks
  • Top Dairy Execs Make Millions as Farms Shutter

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