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News from Washington: April 8-14

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  • Ag Census Highlights Fewer Farms, Older Farmers
  • Trump, Senators Huddle on Delayed Disaster Aid
  • Economics at A Glance in The Census
  • Dems’ New Approach To USMCA
  • Perdue Statement on Vietnam's Ban on the Importation of Glyphosate
  • Mnuchin Talks U.S.-China Enforcement
  • Pork Producers Push for Quick Japan Talks
  • Ag Still Sticking Point as U.S.-EU Talks Step Forward
  • Dairy Divided Over Supply Management
  • Canada Rebooting Tariff Targets As 232 Relief Bid Stalls
  • Perdue: ‘Able-Bodied’ Definition May Need Refining
  • Mexico On Track for Labor Reform Passage
  • Flooding Disrupts Ethanol Shipments
  • Pork Gathering Canceled Over AFS Fears
  • Organics Tries To ‘Force the Issue’ With Trump’s USDA
  • USDA, EPA, and FDA Unveil Strategy to Reduce Food Waste
  • Four Top Food Companies Debut Climate Principles
  • Food Industry Seeks OMB Meeting on Sodium Targets
  • Child Nutrition Effort Taking Shape

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