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OABA Sustaining Sponsor Spotlight: Syngenta

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Syngenta believes in delivering more food for a better world through outstanding crop technologies. Syngenta remains committed to realizing a better way to help growers do more with less.

How can we surpass the yield ceiling and do so in a more profitable way for you? There is no easy or single answer, but with better means to improve genetic gain, control pests and manage your crops, Syngenta can do so. With their industry-leading portfolio and commitment to innovation and collaboration, Syngenta can help.

Syngenta offer an extensive and diverse seeds portfolio. Beyond this broad offering, Syngenta has the most comprehensive crop protection portfolio in the industry and we are changing the way you manage and market crops. Through innovations like the AgriEdge Excelsior® program and Enogen® corn enzyme technology, Syngenta is combining agronomic and technical expertise to effectively provide solutions and programs to meet your crops’ needs. Acuron® corn herbicide and Trivapro® fungicide are just two examples of recent product introductions that are helping growers better manage tough weeds and disease pressure, respectively.

Syngenta believes these technologies will not only provide better returns for you, but they will also benefit the industry as a whole. Syngenta’s R&D commitment allows them to deliver on our promise and plan to deliver significant results on their Good Growth Plan to continue to address growers’ challenges—for today and tomorrow.

Syngenta’s purpose is “Bringing plant potential to life.” By 2020, they plan to deliver significant, measurable results on six commitments in The Good Growth Plan. Those promises address the global food security challenge and put our purpose into action. Syngenta believes that sustainability is an ongoing journey of continuous improvement that builds on current best management practices. Progress will be made through combining leading technology with effective land management and benchmarks of key environmental efficiencies.

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